New 1553 MIL-Temp 1553 Pulse Transformer Bohemia, New York, June 21, 2002 - For Immediate Release: Beta Transformer Technology has developed a new 1553 pulse transformer product line. The MMT-3000 Series by BETA is the first surface mounted style in a 5 volt turns ratio. The series has an operating temperature of -55° to +130°C complying with MIL-PRF-21038 requirements. Plus, the footprint of the MMT-3000 is 70% smaller than any MIL-PRF-21038/27 QPL listed surface mount pulse transformers. Additionally, this design is low profile at 0.260" maximum height. The MMT Series is fully compatible with all 1553 drivers, receivers, and transceivers and is available in 5, 12 and 15 volt turns-ratios.

Established in 1979, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation specializes in producing custom magnetic components for military, commercial and space applications. Their product line includes specialized components such as miniaturized, precision Scott-T, 1553 Interface and reference transformers for use in data conversion.