Beta Transformer Technology Corp. Gains ISO 9001 Recognition Bohemia, New York — Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, located in Bohemia, New York, has announced that it has fulfilled the requirements for registration from Underwriters Laboratories to EN ISO 9001. The scope of this registration covers the design and manufacture of transformers, inductors, and related assemblies for electronic applications. Established by the International Standards Organization, the ISO 9000 series of standards are concerned with themanagement of quality in manufacturing processes. General in nature and not limited to any specific industrial sector, these standards are complementary and not alternative to technical or product standards. Under ISO 9000 there are three quality assurance models against which products are measured to assure that quality standards have been met. ISO 9001 applies in situations involving design, and conformance is assured through design, development, production, and servicing. (ISO 9002 applies where design of the product has been established and where conformance to requirements is assured through production and installation. ISO 9003 applies where conformance to requirements is assured solely through final inspection and test.) Beta Transformer Technology Corp. is a leader in custom military, commercial, and space-level magnetic components. Beta’s extensive line of transformers includes MIL-STD-1553 interface transformers fully qualified to DESC specification No. 21038/27 for use with MIL-STD-1553A and B and MACAIR A-3818, A-5690, A-5232, and A-4905. Scott-T transformers are available for small-signal low-power applications in a range of sizes suitable for use inminiature hybrid packages or in large signal power drivers common to shipboard torque-receiver systems. Pulse, power, or signal, Beta's transformers are performance tailored to user specifications in virtually limitless package configurations including a line of SMT transformers based on surface-mount technology.

Established in 1979, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation specializes in producing custom magnetic components for military, commercial and space applications. Their product line includes specialized components such as miniaturized, precision Scott-T, 1553 Interface and reference transformers for use in data conversion.