Save $$$ on Your 1553 Coupling Needs! Bohemia, New York — Beta Transformer Technology Corporation of Bohemia, NY, has introduced a new line of twin-stacked 1553 pulse transformers, the TST-9100 Series. This new series, available now, is a direct pin-for-pin replacement for their very popular TST-9000 Series. Beta's TST line of transformers offers dual 1553 transformer capability in a package that only requires the PC board space of a single transformer. The new TST-9100 Series is only .040" taller than its predecessor, the TST-9000 Series, with a maximum package height of only 0.320". As a result of this mechanical change, however, the 9100 Series can be manufactured more economically by Beta. This savings translates into lower cost to all new 1553 designs and existing programs. In addition, the 9100 Series is compatible to industry standard reflow manufacturing processes. In addition to the TST-9100 Series, Beta also has a very competitively priced line of single, dual, and triple-stub 1553 box couplers, in-line couplers and related hardware with most items available from stock.

Established in 1979, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation specializes in producing custom magnetic components for military, commercial and space applications. Their product line includes specialized components such as miniaturized, precision Scott-T, 1553 Interface and reference transformers for use in data conversion.